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JoinPrint prints premium business cards that help you make those crucial business connections. Whatever industry you're in and wherever you're going in your career, ensure that you have the things you need to make a positive impression. Send the right message at your meeting.

We want every professional to be able to get the best, so we offer a range of business card printing options sure to meet every need. From eye-catching Spot UV Business Cards to Gold Foil Business Cards, our collection has something for everyone at a price that's sure to suit your budget. Take a look at our collection and discover what Australia's best printers have to offer you.

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Business cards are reflection of who you are as a person and as a professional. Make it your own with help from JoinPrint. We offer a full range of options, covering everything from attractive, cost-effective Original business cards up to premium business cards such as Ultra-Thick Business Cards printed on premium business cards stock.
Getting your order started is easy. Just upload your design to our website and upon receiving payment, our team will print your business cards to order. Not sure how to create a design? It's easy! We offer a range of free business card templates that help you get started the simple way. Browse our collection today and start crafting the perfect card for your business.

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Our ambition is to deliver the best through technology, innovation, and development to ensure faster turnaround times, better pricing and a service that's worth talking about. So next time you need business card printing, think JoinPrint.
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Business Cards

As you leave your home for an early morning commute to work, you think of the important items that you need to carry with you as you walk to your car. You’ve got your laptop, smartphone, and the directions to the restaurant for a working lunch appointment with a client. Do you have a few business cards with you that will help to further your business relationship with your new client? Yes, these brand-building cards are still relevant even in this modern era of camera phones, social media, and mobile applications. There’s nothing like a physical token that depicts who you are, what you do, and what makes you special. If you don’t have a set of name cards that accurately portrays your brand, consider this information about why you need professional cards, the people who benefit from them, and the products and services that JoinPrint offers.

Why Professional Cards are Still Relevant

Today’s society is overloaded with digital content. You find information about current events, new products, and service reviews by going online. In some cases, content that you didn’t request pops up on your screen with a headline that begs you to take a few more minutes out of your day to read about a topic that could interest you. In this type of environment, a face-to-face encounter with a real person is memorable and distinctive. Business leaders who know the value of in-person networking and relationship building don’t want to lose momentum by pulling out a smartphone to send an impersonal email to a new acquaintance. They use the opportunity to build their company’s brand or establish their individual persona through a simple name card.

Professional name cards are portable marketing tools that are commonly accepted everywhere in the global business world. There are certain audiences that frown upon taking smartphones to meetings. Answering your phone or texting while networking often appears disrespectful, and you’ll be asked to leave electronic devices behind if you’re discussing confidential information with a business stakeholder. In these cases, handing out a business card to a colleague allows you to give them a tangible token of you and your business without offence.

Having professional cards ready to pass along to prospective clients and vendors makes you look more prepared. As a sales manager, you’ve racked up more than a few frequent flyer miles visiting customer facilities. You know the other sales people who take those flights as well. Since everyone knows each other, you may think that there’s no point in carrying your company cards with you on your trips. Think again. Your flight got delayed, and you meet a potential client on a two-hour layover. After having lunch with her and the other sales people, you’re ready to board your flight. She wants to get in touch with a sales person later who can help her company to quickly source a needed product. While the other salespeople are fumbling to charge their phones to send her their contact information via email before she boards her flight, you quickly hand her one of your name cards. Who do you think she’ll rely on for her products? Will she choose someone who is prepared with professional cards or those that are searching for restaurant napkins to scribble down their email addresses?

Who Needs a Business Card?

When asked about the people who use professional name cards, you probably think of business leaders who simply want an easy way to give their contact information to a new business acquaintance. While these executives use professional cards regularly, they aren’t the only ones who benefit from these handy snapshots of one’s work life. If you’re an aspiring business leader, you’ll want to carry name cards with you if your company authorises the practice. If they don’t, you should still consider getting a set of great-looking name cards for networking and personal use. Entrepreneurs also benefit from professional cards. If you’re the owner of a new start-up, you’ll need a polished, cost-effective way to establish your new company’s brand. You can use name cards to extend your marketing message to bankers, investors, suppliers, and corporate customers.

Public servants do many important tasks at the federal, state, and local levels. While they don’t work for organisations that need to produce profits, they do account for budgets, specific work tasks, and projects that make communities run smoothly. If you work in the public sector or in a non-profit organisation, you’ll want to pass your name cards to people who depend on your services. Cards allow them to make a mental association between your first meeting with them and your position.

Artists, musicians, and other creatives use those 85mm by 55mm rectangles to introduce and market their talents to everyone. Your choice of name card colours, font types, and letter sizes gives you a chance to showcase your style, character, and contact information. These cards usually take on a more personal tone that aligns with your unique skills and talents.

Content for Your Greeting to the World

Business has always been about establishing and nurturing relationships. Having a set of professional name cards in your wallet is a first step to connecting with people who can make your work life richer and more rewarding. The principle of using name cards to signal credibility, reliability, and accountability works whether you’re an individual with a business idea or a corporate executive of a multinational company. Content type and messaging differs, however.

As a business leader who works in an established company, you’ll need name cards that display your company’s name, its corporate logo, and your contact information. This content format helps prospective clients, vendors, and hiring candidates to follow up with you quickly or send you information that you need to conduct your business activities. Your job title or specialty is another element of your professional card’s contact information; it allows stakeholders to decide how you can help them to solve their problems before they call or email you. Don’t waste the space on the back of your name cards. Put your company’s slogan, mission, or vision statement there.

If you’re an entrepreneur or owner of a new start-up, you’ll want to use professional cards to take your marketing efforts up a notch. In addition to standard personal contact and company information, your cards should include a brief summary about your signature product or service. A checklist of benefits for your main offering shows recipients what problems your product or service solves.

Artists such as actors, musicians, and designers use name cards to flaunt their creative spirit after introducing themselves. If you fall into this category of professions, you’ll want to make sure that your logo, colours, and graphics depict your talents accurately. While putting a picture of yourself on your name cards isn’t done in most lines of work, it’s encouraged for creatives like you. Name and face recognition are especially important if you’re a model or an actress who uses professional cards to network. If you’re like many artists today, you have an online portfolio of your work that really showcases your talents. You can opt to put a link to your portfolio on your name cards, or you can embed your cards with a QR code that gives a link to your portfolio, studio address, and directions to your office.

Using the Business Card Effectively

Since you never know when you’ll meet someone who aligns well with your personal ethics and work values, it’s best to always carry a few name cards in your purse or wallet. In addition to chance encounters that you have with people in nearly every setting, networking events and social functions are the main places that will prompt you to pass out your name cards. Work events such as trade shows, association meetings, and conferences are filled with people who have the inside track on your industry. Leaving them with a business card cements the favourable impression that you made with them initially. Having your business card also enables them to follow up with you about new opportunities. Set a goal to give out a certain amount of business cards when you go to these events.

Dinner parties with friends, charity auctions, and even your kids’ play dates are opportunities to use name cards to spread awareness about what you do. Don’t be afraid to mix business with pleasure. Many professionals do all their networking on golf courses from meeting new clients to closing deals, and most of them have the help of the humble business card.

Types of Cards Available

You’ve seen new businesses that have a great product or service, but poor packaging casts shade on their offering. It’s the same way with business cards. Once you give someone your card, they associate it with you and your business. If they’re impressed with you, they’ll likely refer you to a colleague by passing them your name card. Your company cards should reflect your commitment to quality, excellence, and creativity. Cards that are made from thick paper and contain crisp graphics fit the bill. You can get these premium cards from printing companies such as JoinPrint.

JoinPrint offers seven types of name cards that vary by thickness, style, and finish. You can get the company’s Original cards that are anything but basic. They come in 350 gsm white card stock for a thickness that’s noticeable from the start. JoinPrint’s Ultra-THICK cards feature premium textured paper that weighs in at 700 gsm. Its Spot UV cards deliver a glossy finish to your name cards. The company’s Embossed cards can really make your organisation stand out from the crowd. The raised lettering of these cards is the perfect way to highlight a company logo or slogan. You can even add sparkle to your cards by choosing JoinPrint’s Gold Foil cards.

Business Cards Services at JoinPrint

Your brand deserves to be shown in the best light possible. Don’t settle for flimsy cards with shoddy graphics that look like you printed them from your household printer. JoinPrint’s team of reproduction artists and designers have the skills, experience, and equipment to produce professional cards in quantities that fit your needs and budget. With JoinPrint, you have choices. Design your own cards using one of the company’s many templates. Upload an original design to JoinPrint’s online platform for fast, hassle-free name card production. Consult with one JoinPrint’s designers to get creative direction. After designs are finalised, the company prints your cards and mails out your order within days.


It’s true that you only get one chance to make a first impression. With a unique business card, you can make those positive feelings about you and your company last long after your first meeting. JoinPrint is a full-service printing company that helps customers to promote their brands with professionally printed marketing materials. Call the company today to put your ideas to work for you with a high-quality set of personal or company name cards.

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