Gold Foil Business Cards

Now, JoinPrint makes it possible to add stylish and classy gold details anywhere on your business cards. Add a few subtle (but unmissable) accents, impress your customers with our luxe gold foil business cards.
Standard Size: 
Lead Time: 
6-8 working days (Upon Payment and Artwork Confirmation)
Paper Type: 
Textured Business Cards 350gsm
Special Effects: 
Single-side Gold Foil Stamping (*additional AUD 0.14/pc for double side) , Round Cornering
Special Effect Price List
Special Effects Price (Just per piece)
Preview Round Cornering AUD 0.14*
* Additional 1-2 working days will be required for each special effect.

Price Table
Quantity (Per Design) Price You Save $
100 pc. AUD 49.95 0%
200 pc. AUD 70.2 43%
300 pc. AUD 93.15 61%
500 pc. AUD 130.95 92%
600 pc. AUD 151.2 100%
800 pc. AUD 191.7 108%
1000 pc. AUD 232.2 117%

Most Popular Questions

What is Gold Foil Stamping / Gold Foil Business Cards?

Foiling or foil stamping is a premium printing method that involves the creation of a custom metal die of your artwork. The die is used to stamp the foil material onto the surface of your product. JoinPrint offers Gold Foil Business Cards on premium textured card stock.

You should not choose gold foil business cards if:

  • You want the most economical option available
  • You are printing a photograph
  • Your design includes gradients

You should choose gold foil business cards if:

  • You have a vector design that you need printed in white and on a coloured paper stock
  • You want a true metallic colour in your design
  • You want a premium product
  • You are able to set up the proper files for foil stamping

File Setup Example with CMYK Printing & Foil

Gold Foil Business Cards 10

The finest detail recommended for foil stamping is a 1pt line thickness.

Lines as thin as 0.5pt may be used in some cases; however, you will need to accept the risk of unwanted output. Fine details under 1pt may cause the edges of the foiled area to look jagged or have small breaks.

Gold Foil Business Cards

Grow Your Business with Gold Foil Business Cards

If you’d like to boost your business and expand your bottom line, you need to have a good starting point to reach your goal. You could have the best services or products in your industry and still not get the results you deserve if you don't know how to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Using high-quality business cards is one of the best ways to get and keep clients. The right business card can do wonders for your bottom line and can also allow you to expand your reach more than you thought was possible. If you want to take the results of your business cards to new heights, explore the benefits of having gold foil business cards.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Standard business cards can help you attract new clients if you use them the right way. Although they can make your job a little easier, you won't always get the most from your effort with that approach. Almost every business professional carries a stack of business cards to give prospective clients.

Yours will get lost in the stack if you don't have a way to stand out from the other companies in your industry. Not many business professionals use gold foil business cards, so you will have no trouble standing miles above the rest if you make the switch.

Leave a Memorable Impression

When looking for new clients, uncovering creative ways to get your prospects to remember you should be your No.1 goal. People remember things that break expected patterns more than anything else, and you can use this information to push your business to all-new heights. Most people never see a gold foil business card, so giving them one leaves a lasting impression; also increasing the odds of them buying something from you.

Your customers could put your business card away and not look at it again, but they are still much more likely to remember you if you use a gold card to grab their interest. When you want to stay in your customers' memory until they are ready to move forward, a gold foil business card could be the solution you’ve been dreaming of.