Spot UV Business Cards

Now that’s eye-catching. Add a shiny smooth Spot Gloss accent (aka Spot UV) to specific areas of your design. Oh how your audience will admire the smooth glossy contrast with the silky matte paper. (and then nod approvingly).
Standard Size: 
Lead Time: 
6 - 8 working days (after confirmation of payment and artwork)
Paper Type: 
400gsm Premium Card with Matte Lamination
Special Effects: 
Single-Side Raised Spot Gloss (*additional AUD 0.16/pc for double side), Round Cornering
Special Effect Price List
Special Effects Price (Just per piece)
Preview Round Cornering AUD 0.14*
* Additional 1-2 working days will be required for each special effect.

Price Table
Quantity (Per Design) Price You Save $
100 pc. AUD 49.95 0%
200 pc. AUD 70.2 43%
300 pc. AUD 93.15 61%
500 pc. AUD 130.95 92%
600 pc. AUD 151.2 100%
800 pc. AUD 191.7 108%
1000 pc. AUD 232.2 117%
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Spot UV Business Cards

Amaze Your Clients with Spot UV Business Cards

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by a prospective client or boss? Then try having your next order of business cards made with spot UV.

What is Spot UV?

During the Spot UV process, a spot gloss or varnish is applied to specific areas of a printed card. This finishing method has the effect of highlighting a discrete portion of the business card, creating an eye-catching contrast and in turn, draws the viewer's attention straight to it. Additionally, because the glossy portion of each business card is now raised, it provides a textured, three dimensional feel when held.

In terms of benefits, spot UV business cards that are glossy, are far less likely to be forgotten or lost, while their unique touch helps to distinguish them amid a pile of generic cards. A design element, such as the corporate logo, can be spot UV coated onto the entire space of a business card without making that element appear outlandish or gaudy. Finally, spot UV generated business cards are more resistant to smudges and dirt, as well as fading.

For maximum visual effect, spot UV printing is typically applied over light or dark-colored paper that has a matte finish. The gloss itself consists of a clear polymer that is applied to the paper, which is then allowed to instantly dry through the application of infrared or UV light. This results in the color underneath the polymer gaining a deeper hue and 'popping' out from the paper.