Thick Business Cards (Original)

If you don’t want your business card to be seen a cheap and flimsy then make sure you get thick business cards. This is the first port of call to showcase your company’s value. A little extra thickness can make all the difference.
Standard Size: 
Lead Time: 
3-6 working days (Upon Payment and Artwork Confirmation)
Paper Type: 
White Card 350g
CMYK colour printing
Special Effects: 
Rounded Corner
Special Effect Price List
Special Effects Price (Just per piece)
Preview Round Cornering AUD 0.14*
* Additional 1-2 working days will be required for each special effect.

Price Table
Quantity (Per Design) Price You Save $
100 pc. AUD 28.35 0%
200 pc. AUD 37.8 47%
300 pc. AUD 51.3 65%
500 pc. AUD 67.5 100%
600 pc. AUD 76.95 115%
800 pc. AUD 97.2 133%
1000 pc. AUD 116.1 133%
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Thick Business Cards (Original)

Stake out a place of prominence in your clients' minds with thick business cards from JoinPrint

The precipitous rise of digital marketing over the last two decades has transformed the way that business is done across virtually every industry. This has been as true for individual professionals as it has been for huge corporations. So much commerce is conducted through digital means, especially involving the internet, that many professionals, small business owners and independent contractors have simply given up on other marketing channels. Their sole focus has become the transactional and faceless online connections that are mere facsimiles of the way that business was conducted for tens of thousands of years prior: through face-to-face interactions.

While the internet has revolutionized the dissemination of knowledge and the conducting of many forms of commerce, it has not had any notable effect on human nature itself. For modern professionals, it is easy to lose sight of the still-powerful role that face-to-face interactions in the real world can play in developing new business and forming long-term relationships. The fact is that, as social animals, we are hardwired to seek out and thrive in environments where we can interact with others in a face-to-face setting. This is why real-world encounters can be a vastly more effective tool of self-promotion than even the best digital marketing. After all, nearly all digital marketing is merely seeking to recreate the inimitable experience that one gets from encounters in the physical world. And recreating compelling firsthand experiences is something at which the simulated online world invariably falls short.

The right business card can secure mindshare in a way that few other tools can

Getting the right business card is about far more than just a convenient means of passing along your contact information to prospective clients. A strikingly designed business card can keep working on your behalf long after the initial encounter. Whether it ends up in a prospect’s wallet, on their desk or even in a drawer, a professional business card will serve as a constant reminder of the encounter in which it was acquired, continuing to act as a potent form of marketing long after the initial meeting has taken place.

A thick business card from JoinPrint offers a number of distinct advantages in the ability of your business card to continue garnering positive attention. For starters, they are constructed of hardy 350g paper, thick enough to weather most normal wear that occurs while being transported in a wallet with little long-term damage. Business cards made from lower-weight paper, even when constructed with high-end finishes, will tend to wear poorly unless they are stored in a drawer or other static environment where they are not subject to constant friction and bending. On the other hand, thick business cards from JoinPrint are able to withstand surprisingly tough use for a simple piece of high-weight paper, often appearing nearly new after years of being transported in wallets, car consoles and other places that subject them to constant wear.

Another factor when going with JoinPrint’s thick business cards is that they have an expensive, solidly constructed look and feel. A thick business card speaks directly to your customers of professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. And because so few professionals today go with higher-quality cardstock for their business cards, when they use them at all, your name, brand and contact information are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

The physical solidness and durable construction of a thick business card, when combined with a compelling aesthetic, serves as a powerful metaphor for trust and confidence in the business or service being promoted. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, every edge that you can give yourself can be decisive in landing the client, the job or the all-important industry contact. A thick business card can help to give you a strong edge, right out of the gates.