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Premium Business Cards

Stellar card design puts your business name and brand message front and center with potential customers and contacts. JoinPrint offers a variety of premium designs to customize with your logo, brand colors and company information, creating a miniature ad conveying everything you want others to know about what your business offers.

Whether you’re at a meeting, trade show or networking event, you need something memorable to facilitate future communication. JoinPrint aims to provide high-quality products with fast turnaround times so that you always have the resources you need to grow your business.

Why Are Business Cards Still Important?

First impressions are essential, and sometimes you only have a few minutes to establish a connection. A good card is a simple way to communicate everything your business is about, including your vision, branding information, culture and professional image. Cards cost a lot less than other forms of advertising and aren’t subject to the changing algorithms making today’s social media landscape so volatile. Instead of competing with every other company in a user’s feed, it’s just you, your contact and your business message.

Once your card is in the hands of another person, they can look at it whenever they want or pass it on to someone else whom they think may benefit from your products and services. It’s the ultimate in word-of-mouth marketing and isn’t dependent on any form of technology. Each card you hand out has the potential for many “impressions,” reaching beyond the audience you can touch on social media or with traditional advertising. Even if your website goes down or your social profiles are unavailable, customers can pull out your card and quickly get in touch with you.

Digital connections aren’t appropriate for every prospective customer, either. Depending on what your company sells, you may do business with people across age groups and demographics, some of whom are more comfortable with physical information than exchanging contact details through technology or storing data on their phones. Products from JoinPrint are just what you need to make connections in a way these people are used to and accommodate a wider audience when you network.

Sharing a premium card is faster than giving someone your elevator pitch. Handing over your card creates a personal connection and lays a foundation on which new partnerships can be established. You can even use the product you create with JoinPrint as a visiting card, mailing one to prospective clients or leaving one behind if the person you wish to see isn’t in when you stop by. If you can’t make it to a networking even or trade show yourself, you can send a company representative with a stack of cards to hand out on your behalf.