Embossed Business Cards

Take your business cards to the next level with JoinPrint Embossed Business Cards! The raised impression of embossing adds class and professionalism to your design. Not only is it a truly outstanding effect, but will make an impact through the raised texture of the business card itself.
Standard Size: 
Lead Time: 
8-10 working days (after confirmation of payment and artwork)
Paper Type: 
Textured Business Card 350gsm / Textured Business Card 700gsm
Special Effect Price List
Special Effects Price (Just per piece)
Preview Round Cornering AUD 0.14*
* Additional 1-2 working days will be required for each special effect.

Price Table
Quantity Price You Save $
100 pc. AUD 49.95 0%
200 pc. AUD 70.20 42%
300 pc. AUD 93.15 61%
500 pc. AUD 130.95 95%
600 pc. AUD 151.20 95%
800 pc. AUD 191.70 106%
1000 pc. AUD 232.20 118%
Quantity Price You Save $
100 pc. AUD 71.01 0%
200 pc. AUD 102.60 39%
300 pc. AUD 135.27 61%
500 pc. AUD 197.37 83%
600 pc. AUD 230.58 89%
800 pc. AUD 292.14 96%
1000 pc. AUD 352.08 104%
   Tips to design your business card

Embossed Business Cards

Creating Embossed Cards That Can Effectively Market Many Types of Businesses

Our company offers embossed business cards that can feature custom images, designs that could attract new customers, advanced templates, crisp lines, special effects, phone numbers and helpful information. Generally, the cards may increase a company's sales, optimize the conversion rates that a business generates, augment the number of customers who contact a company, remind existing customers and increase the amount of referrals that a business receives.

Customizing Images

By using our company's tools, you may easily incorporate images into new cards. You can alter each image's features, modify the dimensions of a picture, add new designs and combine numerous images. Moreover, each client may add various special effects, and these extra features could substantially increase the number of recipients who contact a business.

Utilizing Our Templates

When you design ideal cards, you can select numerous templates that our company offers. Our business has developed custom templates that are related to various niches, and we regularly create fresh templates that can benefit our clients. Multiple testimonials have indicated that the templates may augment the number of customers who regularly contact a business, and the designs can enhance the professionalism of each card, catch the attention of customers, help clients who are seeking contact information and accentuate cards that advertise niche companies.

Embossing Business Cards

By customizing these stylish cards, our experts improve the texture of each surface, increase the worth of every card and add raised features that maximize professionalism. The extra features will differentiate the cards from the advertisements of competitors, and most customers may keep advertisements that have a custom texture, extra images and various three-dimensional features.