Signature Business Cards

Our premium paper stock is amongst one of our most popular products! Rigid, stiff, and impressive. Our Signature Business Cards come with a choice of Matte, Glossy or Silk finishing to provide an extra premium touch. Time to impress your customers!
Standard Size: 
Lead Time: 
3-6 working days (Upon Payment and Artwork Confirmation)
Paper Type: 
400gsm Premium Stock
Special Effects: 
Matte Finishing, Gloss Finishing or Silk Finishing, Round Cornering
Special Effect Price List
Special Effects Price (Just per piece)
Preview Round Cornering AUD 0.14*
* Additional 1-2 working days will be required for each special effect.

Price Table
Quantity (Per Design) Price You Save $
100 pc. AUD 35.1 0%
200 pc. AUD 47.25 46%
300 pc. AUD 60.75 75%
500 pc. AUD 85.05 106%
600 pc. AUD 98.55 119%
800 pc. AUD 122.85 133%
1000 pc. AUD 147.15 133%
   Tips to design your business card

Signature Business Cards

Signature business cards are classified as any business cards that have a signature mark on them. They set you apart from other businesses or professionals. Since every successful company or independent professional has a unique brand with a strong message, it is important to make your business cards reflect your message in every way.

When you meet people and tell them about your services or products, your business card is often the first source of information that they see. They may choose whether or not to contact you based on that first impression, which is why it is important to have an effective business card design. Choosing your preferred signature style is the first step. To help you select the right cards for your needs, consider the following points.

Use A Professional Visual Design

Most people who order signature business cards use a design that has their signature, their own initials or their company's initials. If you want to use a special design with the signature such as a custom logo, it is better to have a professional design the logo first. You should make sure that the logo is not trademarked by another company. Also, a professional can create a design that has the right pixels or resolution to produce a high-quality result when it is printed on a business signature card.

Make The Information Concise

If you have a lot of information that you feel is important, do not print it on the business card. When people receive a card, they often skim over it for a few seconds. If they must spend more than a minute reading your information or have to squint to read small print, they are likely to lose interest fast. It is better to pick one point that resonates with your target audience. For example, a company that has underwater treadmills and aquatic exercise classes for older people may be tempted to cite some statistics or facts that make its services seem more appealing. Readers may get confused or lose interest. A better approach is to think about the biggest pain point that your services solve. In the aquatic exercise company example, the company knows that aquatic exercises can be fun and reduce impact on peoples' joints. Since joint problems are a common hindrance for older people to exercise often, the company may simply choose to add a short phrase about how it makes exercise fun and painless again.

When you put a short phrase or statement on your business card that addresses a pain point, recipients are more likely to visit your website, blog or social media pages. If you want to grab their attention even more and make it easier for them to connect with you, consider printing a QR code that will take them directly to your site. You can put more detailed information there.